Sunday, May 25, 2008

In Tulak ratokot at the year 2004 was polluted badly By mercury arsenic.

Fishes that the people hunted and ate caused them illness and dieses.The sea was badly black due to the waste the one who was responible was PT newmont minhasa, a company working for waste disposal. They broke a law by doing this and threatend the ocean. Then due to this fish cosumtion deacreased.

They affected the plankton proses zone of the ocan because plankton needs sunlight and because of the blackness the plankton found it hard to grow.The people responsibal for this ( PT newmont Minhasa payed US $ 100.000 due to damage throu out the sea.

Colar reefs was ruined, over 100 fishes was floating dead it the pipe line zone. WAHLI came and protected the place. From there the ocean sufferd alot the fish that people eat as a benifit became a spread of dieseas and 20 meters was black of waste.

The law was that no littering toxic waste that the PT newmont minhasa did. And because of the toxic fish it spreaded to varios places and cause dieses else where.
Now WAHLI protects the place so no further toxic waste law wont be violated.203

PT newmont Minhasa knew that they were doing this but got caught by violating a law.

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date: 2007
author: Halid Muhamad

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