Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Monday, September 24, 2007


Do you want to be Buddhism? read this and you will know that this is a nice religion.

Buddhism is a religion that is from India it spread to japan,Korea, and other countries. some people cut their hair bold because they show their respect for Buddha.

it sperad by a king that used his resourses and used it by telling other countries that buddism is a good religion.

Types: There are many types like Zen buddism and many other types they each have differnt belive and different cultures.

thousands of followers worship in temples and sometimes to statues thousands of followeres in japan gather up and worship.

History: There was a man name buddha he was loyal, kind, tolerent and told everybody there was religion coming and millions followed aperently he died because of sickness.

budist have their own holy book that tells them what to do to get to heaven. They belive that if you dont make it to heaven you will be rebirth until you make it.

budist also meditate to worship to. budist are found evreywhere and have their own belive.
buddha means to awaken the enlightend one.

people continue to follow this religion and it is one of the biggest after Islam and christianany it is getting bigger and bigger. I hope you have enjoyed my report.

Friday, September 21, 2007

buddhism came from India

symbol of Buddhism

Thursday, September 20, 2007

UOI reflection

Chicken wing disecting:
I was an inquirer and a risktaker because I searched and anwserd all the qustions to be an inqier to be a risk taker I dicected it even thou its gross.
BMI: In this i was independent beacause I mesurd my weight and highth.I was also an inqerbecause I had to find out if im overweitgh or not.
Body system presentation: I was communicator because i spoke loud and clear I was also an inqer because i chose the right info and how to say it.

What I used to belive

When i was small I belived that if I wacht tv too long my eyes would turn square.

My pet

Beatrix potter

Is your imagination as wild as Beatrix potter?

Did you know that she believes that her story characters could talk to her

or that she was the first female to write a coulerd book

and also made the story characters behave and act like human beings

she inspired her drawings and made a book about it. Beatrix Potter inspired many people with her ideas. Peter rabbit is about a family that are rabbits and acts like humans.

Peter rabbit is a story that a family of rabbits that live their lives like humans. People enjoy her entertaining story's and inspired her characters.

her storys will be loved by millions of people.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My haiku

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The digestive system

I am a piece of fruit and half of me gets eaten.The piece of me gets chewed and slowly pushed down by the saliva the saliva was pushing me down to the esophagus.I'm almost to the stomach there were many tons of different kinds food in there. And we slowly get dissolved by the acid. The acid is so strong that it can almost cut through anything.The dissolved food was almost at the diadem (small tube under stomach) leading me and the other food into the small intestine we were at the small intestine and slowly being separated into pieces such as starch,protein,fat,water and fibre.

Some of the healthy pieces goes to the blood vessels and to the bones,muscles and many different kinds of organs the fat goes to the under of your skin,the protein goes to many types of body parts.

After the small intestine the food went to the pancreas and almost close to the large intestine the large intestine was also separating us the dissolved food looked like tiny small things.

If a person eats to many junk food or unhealthy food, the fat and starch will sometimes make the stomach unhappy that's why when a person eats to much junk they have Daria. But if a person eats a balanced diet that person will have lots of protein,fibre,calcium.

But people need some fat because it helps your body keep warm. But to much fat is your body's way of saying cut down the food. The fat of the piece of me in the large intestine doesn't go to organs because it doesent help.
some of the food was turned into brown shades at the rectum but the peice of me was still waiting at the large intestine for a few hours.
Im still here because i need to wait until other food come so that it can push me out but first im still in the large intestine getting closer and closer to the rectum.
Then finaly some other food comes and pushes me even closer to the rectum,because the brown shades last time already went out.
After a week or two I slowly became a brown shade at the rectum. but again still waiting until other food come and pushes the brown shade out into waste so that the brown shades arent going to stay there.