Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to make a wooden go kart

1. To make the front wheels you should cut a wood 3/4 inch thick as big as the axle. attach axle on wood before that drill 2hole on pivot
2. For back wheels......just do the same but do not put pivots.
3.Main board needs to be 1.5 inchs longer than your legs wark the centre line to drill the pivot so you can drive it.
4. mount front wheels use wrench not to tight.
5.steering just plase two holes close to each front wheel.
6. your ready just make sure there are no sharp bits sticking out then your ready!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

UOI reflection

When I was writing down my belifes I wrote what I belifed when I was younger I felt happy because I can hear what other thinks. When we had to write a haiku I was a thinker because I had to think the right words that I must put. In the religion expo I was both an inqorer and a communicator because I thout up the info and said it clearly.I felt good because Im alot connfident to speaking to other people. The time I wrote about Bertice Potter I felt proud of her because she inspired thousands of people.